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The art form of henna or mehndi varies significantly from region to region. Varying designs have different meanings for members of each culture, such as good health, fertility, wisdom, protection and spiritual enlightenment. Various shades of Henna are procured by mixing its paste with the leaves and fruit of other plants, such as indigo, tea, coffee, cloves and lemon. When used in decorative body art, sugar and oil are also added to the mixture to strengthen the color and longevity of design.

Henna Designs For Palm

Henna Designs For Palm

A full hand design, either palm or back with the help of henna paste looks always trendy.

While Arabic henna designs are usually large, floral patterns on the hands, Indian mehndi involves fine, thin lines for lacy, floral and paisley patterns covering entire hand and also forearms. Most traditional henna patterns are based on very simple shapes - circles, triangles and lines are the most basic. These shapes can be combined to create a very intricate pattern and a very beautiful henna design on palm.

The various mehendi designs meant for hands include flower arches, henna web, flower net, flowery trails, lucky lotus, leaves chains etc. While decorating an entire hand, one can start where it is most comfortable, depending on the design. Common starting points are the line where the fingers bend bordering the palm, the wrist, or the center of the palm. It is usually easiest to begin by covering the palm, and then doing the fingers.


Henna Designs For Feet

Henna Designs For Feet

Henna Designs For FeetHenna designs done on the feet, involves painting beautiful and elaborate patterns with a dye made from crushed leaves of the henna plant. The Middle Eastern style consisted mostly of floral patterns inspired by Arabic carvings, paintings and textiles. This casual style did not usually follow a specific pattern. The North American style accentuated the shape of the feet using geometric floral patterns. The Indian and Pakistani designs are made up of intricate, repetitive paisley patterns, lines and teardrops.

Some of the popular designs for feet include flowers, leafy tendrils, and abstract shapes. Applying henna designs on feet are a little more difficult, but can be created easily with a bit of concentration. Usually, the sides or bottoms of the feet, are decorated with blocks of color on the tips of toes.


Henna Designs For Body Decoration

Henna Designs For Body Decoration

Henna Designs For Body Decoration Henna artisans brings along its creative henna art that include all the latest trends that come in, to give a continues variety. From tiny roses on shoulders to full body motifs, tattoos have made their way into the mainstream life as a modern genre of artistic expression.

Intrigued by the creation of beautiful designs on the body, henna mehndi is being used by women worldwide as a mode of self-expression. The designs originate from the practices followed on these occasions and represent specific objects, dresses, floral designs, leaves, flowers and birds associated with the festival.


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