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Special Occasion For a Newly Wed Bride - First Karwa Chauth

Posted on : 1st October 2016

Karwa Chauth is a reflection of the rich Indian culture and value systems ingrained in the society. This is a ritual which is religiously followed by married women and more so those of north and north western India. This occasion is more important for all newly-wed couples. A newly married woman is made to feel very special by her relatives and immediate family members on this day. She is showered with blessings for a blissful married life and loads of Karva Chauth gifts.

Newly Wed Bride

On the arrival of this festival, the market gets flooded with all the symbols that reflects the marriage status of a woman is in high demand such as jewelry, bangles, henna, sarees, lahenga-choli and many other traditional gifts. Karwa Chauth is a festival of great importance for all married women as it adds to a strong foundation of love and care a husband wife relationship. The festival is based upon the legendary story of a devoted wife, Karwa, and her efforts to save her husbands life.

First Baya

This is a present that every mother sends or personally gives to her daughter for her Karwachauth. It comprises of eatables like salted mathris, dry-fruits and some gifts which have a utility in the day to day functioning of a married life. The woman's mother-in-law also presents gifts to all the members of her daughter's family along with Baya. Some mothers also send utensils in the Baya which the daughter later distributes amongst women who join her in her first Karva Chauth Puja.

First Sargi

Also known as the pre-dawn meal, 'Sargi' is a meal prepared by the mother-in-law for her daughter-in-law on Karvachauth. It is a token of best wishes and blessings for a successful married life given by a mother-in-law to the daughter-in-law.

Karwa Chauth Gifts

This is one tradition that follows after every other is done with. In the evening after completing all the rituals, the married women receives exquisite karwa chauth gifts from their husbands. In loving admiration of her day long Karwa Chauth fast, a husband presents his wife with Karva Chauth gifts. The gift that a woman receives on her first Karwa Chauth is generally grand and becomes a possession for lifetime. The day of Karwa Chauth develops a special kind of bond between the wife and her husband.

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