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Remarkable Fruits to the Karwa Chauth Fasting

Posted on : 07th October 2017

Karwa Chauth is an important festival for the entire Hindu community in India!! On this day, women keep fast for the whole day praying for the longevity of their husband. For every woman this festival is very significant. There are certain Vastu tips that must be followed to bring in more love and luck in the relationship. Here it goes:

1. How to Eat Sargi in the morning?

While you eat Sargi in the morning which is also known as Baya should be eaten sitting in North-East or East direction. The festival of Karwa Chauth is very auspicious festival and these directions being positive in nature are good for eating Sargi. This will keep you energetic and full of positivity for the whole day.

2. Getting Dressed Up

Getting yourself ready in beautiful attire is an important part of the celebration of the day! It is advisable always to use red, pink or orange dress or attire to wear. Also, use only red or pink Bindi as these are some of the auspicious colors that represent love, happiness and joy.

3. Making Selection of the Jewelleries

On this day, women wear their favourite jewelleries to showcase their love!! It is advisable only to use Gold or pearl jewelleries as they are considered as a source of spreading more and more positivity. It, in a way enhances the level of positivity in the aura around you.

4. Decorating the House

Clean the home all around and make sure that no clutter is left at any of the corner of the home. Cleanse it all from under the bedside. Place fresh flowers on the South-Eastern side of the bed, it is ought to bring positivity in the home and in your fast.

5. Choosing the Puja Place

Make sure not to choose the bedroom for doing the Puja ritual!! Never choose the bedroom for performing the Puja ritual as this place is believed to be distractive in nature.

6. Ending the Fast Ritual

When you are ending the Vrat make sure that you have chosen the Western corner of the room to seek the blessing of Moon as per the ritual.

7. Lighting Up Diya

Make sure that you light up one mustard oil diya that symbolises the everlasting love shared between the husband and wife. You need to make sure that the Diya does not get extinguished and it keeps lighting up for the whole day ill the fast.

8. What to eat first while breaking the Fast?

Make sure to eat jaggery or some sweet first when you break the fast! And, then drink water! So, these are some vastu tips that need to be followed while doing the Puja ritual on the day of Karwa Chauth. Following these vastu tips will definitely add some more charm and happiness in the relationship. The essence of the relationship will get doubled with these Vastu tips. Make most of it to bring sweetness in your relationship. This will surely bring some great new things in your relationship!!

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