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The Real Significance of celebrating Karwa Chauth!

Posted on : 20th September 2017

Karwa Chauth is an important Indian festival celebrated by the Hindu community of India. The wives keep fast for their beloved husband. Though, it is a widespread fact that it is the symbol of how much a wife is in live with her husband. But there have been explanations in the past that tell us the real reason behind the celebration.


The Hindu calendar celebrates love referred with the name as "Karwa Chauth"! Researchers have established that the celebration of the festival is rather based on a very sweets cause. But it is unfortunate the human beings have subjugated the real meaning of the festival in the influence of glamour. It is said, during older times, as per the rituals, when a girl got married she had to live everything behind to live with her in-laws. In the family, it was hard for her to adjust in the family.

And, whenever there is any difference she used to face with her husband and in-laws, there was no one in the family with whom she could share her feelings and thoughts. As, as result the women of the village came together for a get-together, where they could discuss each other's problems and find a solution. This gave her courage to fight back her insecurities and become an important part of the family. The women used to take up the meeting till the evening keeping fast. Karwa Chauth was actually the festival of such women that gave women the chance to get off from the routine work.

This gave all these women a common goal and a unique sense of love and equality. This was the day when women meet someone from their community with similar issues and similar solution. They laughed, emptied themselves of the negative thoughts and shared love. The day acted as an enhancer of their friendship Another important aspect of the celebration was that being away from the husband would make them realise the importance of their wives in their life. This was a manifestation of their sacrifices that would make husbands realise that it is their wives who work so selflessly for their husband in all the areas of life.

The fast breaking ceremony represents how proud a husband is for the multiple roles that the wife plays. It represents how lovingly they feel blessed for their heavenly bond.

Love is the most powerful source of imparting positive energy to whatever we do, whatever we stand and whatever we believe in.

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