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This is really a good site which consists of all the informations about this special occasion. Good work.


Its really a good effort and all the information which is given in this site is very useful and adequate.


Good Work and it is a good site. Keep going.


Hi there,
Thanks a lot for this wonderful site. I am amazed that everything i want to know about this "vrat" is here. It provides each and every detail of the things i need ,the story & Heena patterns too. This is very helpful & specially for those who are living away from India. Thank you again

Mamta Sharma

The site is excellent. Thanks for sharing this. I am not in Inda so Iam praying for all devotees from here. Happy Karwa Chauth!


This is a lovely experience and I must add that overall it is an excellent site covering all details pertaining to Karwa Chauth. Great work!

Preeti Sharma

We are very glad to read your work on the Indian Rituals and Festivals. Even I am unmarried Hindu girl but I do keep fast on Haritalika Teej and on Karwa Chauth also. I appreciate your presentation and elaboration of very pious cultural traditions and customs. Their unique importance recalls and refreshes our glory of binding and healthy relations and eternal social and moral divinity. Thanks for giving excellent and most awaited material. With best compliments.

Kumari Shivpriya and Devika Shivesh

Please accept my sincere and heartfelt congratulations for hosting such a wonderful site.I accidently stumbled on it and i have enjoyed surfing through the different items - the recipes, henna designs, how to conduct the vrat, its stories and vidhi! Please keep on updating the info and pictures. Thanks again

Dr Jannavi Tandon

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Your site is an interesting and beautiful one.


Good henna designs!! Keep it up. If you have any other samples please let me know.


"I am surprised to see your wonderful site. Thanks a lot. Awesome content!"


"Today is my first Karwa Chauth fast and thanks to the information on this site, I am able to know what to do. Thank you for having such great information and sharing it with people like myself."


"The information u have provided for Karva Chauth has been really helpful for me and I appreciate your efforts."


"The site is very informative and well organised."
Thanks and all the best

Sanjivani Gupta

"I found this site really informative and it is very good for people who are going to observe their first Karwa Chauth and need to know how to go about doing things."
Thank you


"My husband believes that he has as much a right to pray for his wife's health and long life as a wife does for her husband, so he also observes the Karva Chauth fast and prays for me. I really love my husband for doing that. He insists that some of the Indian festivals are very chauvinistic and he truly believes that a festival such as Karva Chauth has to change to bring more equality between husband and wife in a marriage. I think I am really lucky to have a husband like him!"

Smitha Sharma

-"I was extremely delighted after going through the contents of this website. This is my first Karwa Chauth and I received all the required information from your site. I would be more happy if you could send me the link where i can hear the songs and vrat katha online."

Simran, Canada

"This website is brilliant! Its informative and interesting and helps someone like me who wants to learn about our festivals."


"Namaste! Thank you so much for your website on Karwa Chauth. I'm new in Sanatana Dharma (I had a Namakaran Samskara this year) and your page was very useful for me!"
Best Regards

Bharti Sharma

"I'm an Indian but right now living in New Zealand. I was missing Indian festivals but after I saw this website....I am really feeling very happy....Thanks "

Sulaxna Kaushik

"I came across your website as I was searching for information on Karwa Chauth. This is the first year that I will be keeping fast and I don't know much about it. Reading through your website has given me a lot of knowledge on the occasion and I would like to say thank you very much."

Rani, Canada

"Glad to see your sites on the Indian Festivals. Through your sites, Indian youth learn about the traditions of Indian festivals. Also, the sites are well designed and well decorated. The site truly bring the spirit of the festivals. Keep up the good work!

Saya Sreenivasulu, Bangalore

Happy Hartaalika Teej, "Really you did a good job for those who are settled in Brazil S.A. This type of information is very useful to maintain touch with our culture and traditions. I am very grateful to all of you who have created this site, and so beautifully!! Bahut Bahut Dhanyawaad.

Meeta Ravindra

"This is a very informative site. Keep up the nice work done and thanks for all of them who have taken the pains to design such a good site.

Swaroop Hazari

"I am really impressed with the way this site is. It's really helpful for those who live far away from their homes in India.


"Thank you for this website. It not only gives good detail and information on our culture, which has helped me keep the fast, but also is very beautifully presented. Regards


"Great website!! Most parents have forgotten the true meaning and cannot explain the rituals and traditions. Purely for the fact they did not ask questions themselves but accepted what the elders requested of them. This is a good website for someone who is not sure.

Prem Kumari Kainth

"Just wanted to mention that yours is a very good website. It is very informative. It provides detailed information on the history and significance of the festival as well as details on how to actually conduct celebrate it. This is very useful information for people living outside India away from their parents and relatives who could guide them.

Aman Gupta

"I am in Ireland. I found your site very helpful for Karwa Chauth Pooja and preparation. However, I could not find the Calender of Karwa Chauth Pooja which we get from markets in India. It has a picture of the Karwa Chauth story. It would be very helpful if you could also have that on site. Thanks a million for having such a good site for us who are living outside India to make us feel like at home.

Jyoti Aggarwal

"Thank You!! This is a great site and a wonderful service for people like myself (Indians who are born and raised overseas). For years, I have observed Karwa Chauth with others who have no idea what to do or what things mean. We have just been doing what our elders have remembered. I will surely share this site with as many people as I can! Thanks


"Information on your site is useful and informative. I observed the Karva Chauth fast only once after my marriage but after visiting your website I have decided to observe Karva Chauth vrat


Hello "I'm highly impressed with this website. Thanks to everyone whos put in so much effort. Its a nice way. I am glad that through this site i'll be able to follow my traditions. Our traditions will live this way with the future generations too. I want more and more people to know about this site. Thanks again


It was really great to see that discovered almost every detail about the festival.
Thank you

Kanika Seth

This site is very informative. I like this site very much.
Thank you
Best Regards


"Excellent job. Keep it up. Thanks

Rajesh Mehrotra

"This is a great website. Very informative. I live away from home and by reading this website, I am sure I will not miss any of the rituals. Thanks for all the effort.
Great work!

Shaily Gupta

"It was really nice visiting your website and seeing beautiful and unique designs. Hope you success


"I found your site very interesting & knowledgeable. I loved the mehandi designs. I liked vrat katha, pooja process very much. Keep on going. Thanks


"I liked this site and wanna make my favorite and specially that henna design is very beautiful. Thanks


"I absolutely love your website & most important it's very informative. It helped me learn Hindi rituals & culture. Thanks

Denise Moure

Sir/Madam, "It is a wonderful site. Impressed by the efforts the team has done to conserve and promote the culture and traditon of the country. Thanking you

Niyati Shah

Hi there,
"The Calgary Herald is publishing a story on Karva Chauth, and we were wondering if we could publish the Legend of Karva Chauth from your website for our readers. We will source the information as being from "The Society for Confluence of Festivals in India" or however you would like to be identified."

Can we publish the story of Karva Chauth?
Your prompt reply is appreciated.

Sandee Wong

"Amazing site, you guys have done a great job. It's really appreciable. The site has everything that one can need, the information that you need, the story of the whole thing, the "vidhi", Gosh it's too good. Congratulations on this great effort to all of you who designed this and who got the idea of creating this."


"Beautiful website. Very well done. I am impressed and happy that something like this is available to new-wives too." Thanks.

Ruchi Khanna

"This site is superb and very much informative for working women who are away from home."

Sunita Katyal

"all the info you have given is excellent but if you can also put the song that the ladies sing during rotation of thalis along, it will be great. (sun bhen pyari veera chan chde te paani piwana.......)"


"a very good informative site"

Nidhi Saxena

It was one of the best sites I have ever come acroos. Please keep up the good work.

I am really impressed by your endeavour to preserve Indian Heritage, by describing the original meaning of festivals, instead of modern distortions.

Please propogate yourself. There are millions of people who need in this sense of learning, which you can give them.

Sanjay Goel

"It really lets people like me who dont have much knowledge about how to do each thing right for the festival know about the significance and also the way it should be done. real good stuff.

I am from NZ and i feel that it is good way to get to our roots and revive our long lost culture "

Thanks for that


"Good work, very useful site specially for people like me who are staying abroad. Its my first karva chauth and i collected most of the information from this site."


"The site is very infomative .....good effort"

Vipra Arora

"Hello, my name is savannah.
I am about to marry an Indian and I am wanting to change my faith and way of life. I would like to thank you for your website as it is most informative."

yours sincerely
Savannah Olley

"hello, i really thank you for dealing with my request. i can not explan how happy i am with your progress. i don't know how much to thank you once again once again many thanks"


" site is very explanatory and good..."


"Congratulations on a very comprehensive website. Happy KarwaChauth - 31st OCt 2004."

Parul Madan

"It's really appreciable the way this site has covered almost all the information, katha's, vidhi's on almost all the vrats and festivals. However, I would really appreciate if you could also add the katha and vidhi for Hoi Ashtmai Vrat." Thanks

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